Canadian Electrical Code Handbook

ISBN/PUB: C22 1HB 18
Pub Date: 2018

An Explanation of the rules of the Canadian Electrical Code

The 2018 Canadian Electrical Code Handbook provides detailed rationale and background information behind the requirements in the 2018 Canadian Electrical Code, Part I, and delivers an explanation of the rules in plain, easy-to-understand language. The Handbook has been updated to incorporate the changes to the 2018 CE Code, Part I and is a valuable tool for electrical workers in understanding and applying the Code.

Developed by technical experts selected for their detailed knowledge and understanding of the 2018 CE Code, the Handbook provides a clear understanding of the safety and installation requirements of the Code related to industrial, commercial and residential installations. Following the same structure of the Code, the Handbook helps you quickly find pertinent information and outlines detailed scenarios to help avoid misinterpretations and features examples, calculations and graphics to help you implement the Code.

It is important to note that the CE Code Handbook does not define each clause and section of the CE Code; only sections and clauses that require further clarification are referenced in the Handbook.


  • Access simple, easy-to-understand rationale behind latest Code requirements side-by-side with your copy of the 2018 CE Code
  • Quickly access pertinent information and detailed scenarios to help avoid misinterpretations or confusion

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Canadian Electrical Code Handbook
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