API 16A Specification for Drill - Through Equipment

Pub Date: 2017
4th Edition

API 16A Specification for Drill - Through Equipment

This specification defines the requirements for performance, design, materials, testing and inspection, welding, marking, handling, storing, and shipping of drill-through equipment used for drilling for oil and gas. It also defines service conditions in terms of pressure, temperature, and wellbore fluids for which the equipment is designed.

This specification is applicable to and establishes requirements for the following specific equipment:

a) ram blowout preventers;

b) ram blocks, packers, and top seals;

c) annular blowout preventers;

d) annular packing units;

e) hydraulic wellbore connectors (wellhead, riser, or LMRP);

f) drilling spools and spacer spools;

g) adapters;

h) mandrels (for wellbore connectors);

i) loose connections;

j) clamps.

Dimensional interchangeability is limited to end and outlet connections.

A simplified example of drill-through equipment defined by this specification is shown in Figures 1 and 2.

Repair and remanufacture of 16A equipment is covered in API 16AR, Standard for Repair and Remanufacturing of Drill-through Equipment.

This specification does not apply to field use or field testing of drill-through equipment.

If a product is supplied bearing the API Monogram and manufactured at a facility licensed by API, the requirements of Annex A apply.

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API 16A Specification for Drill - Through Equipment

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