MSS SP 112 Quality Standard for Evaluation of Cast Surface Finishes - Visual and Tactile Method

ISBN/PUB: SP 112 16
Pub Date: 2016

This SP must be used with a 10-surface, three dimensional Cast Surface Comparator, which is a necessary part of the Standard. Price for both is $337.00.

This surface quality Standard Practice provides criteria for the visual and tactile evaluation of cleaned AS-CAST surface finishes of components manufactured from castings.
This Standard Practice and its supporting MSS Cast Surface Comparator may be applied to surfaces formed by any casting method.
This Standard Practice provides visual and tac-tile criteria for evaluating casting surface finish and texture which can be used to develop an acceptable quality level.
Cast surfaces on materials such as gray iron, ductile iron, bronze and malleable iron may be com-pared with the use of this Standard Practice, however, it is not the intention to limit it to these type of materials.
This Standard Practice does not apply to ma-chined surfaces, or those surfaces that are intended to machined.
This Standard Practice is limited to "sight and feel" by comparison without measurement. Luster and color are not part of this Standard Practice.
This Standard Practice is not intended for use on those castings where burn-in, slag, scabs, etc. so distort the surface that the comparator can not be used and the casting may be rejected for other causes.

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