MSS SP 120 Flexible Graphite Packing Sealing for Rising Stem Valves

ISBN/PUB: SP 120 1
Pub Date: 2017

This Standard Practice establishes material and dimensional requirements for valve packing, packing chamber, packing gland, packing washer, bonnet, and the stem, as they relate to the total packing assembly.
This Standard Practice applies to standard, special, and limited Class 150 through Class 4500 (including intermediate classes) ASME B16.34 type gate, globe, and angle valves designed with rotating/rising and non-rotating/rising stems.
This Standard Practice applies to valves in which a flexible graphite packing assembly is used as the primary stem-sealing system.
This Standard Practice does not apply to valves that include a lantern ring as part of its packing system nor to bonnetless valves with split glands.

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