Canadian Electrical Code Safety Standard for Electrical Installations

ISBN/PUB: C22 1SB 24
Pub Date: 26th Edition
Includes Electrical Code Quick Reference

Canadian Electrical Code Safety Standard for Electrical Installations

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Now in its 26th edition, the CE Code, Part I includes many significant additions and revisions throughout, including the following:


  • In support of existing Code Rules for safe maintenance of electrical systems, Section 2 now requires that means be provided and documented to reduce arcing fault clearing time for overcurrent devices rated 1200 A or more.
  • The scope of Section 4 has been revised to clarify that the Section applies to both ac and dc systems.
  • Section 6 has removed the permission for use of a bare neutral in consumer’s service raceways.
  • For all load calculations in Section 8, references to Table 38 have been replaced by a demand factor of 100%. Consequently, Table 38 has been deleted.
  • New electrical products and installation techniques are reflected in each new edition of the Code. Section 12 now includes requirements for the installation and use of grade level in-ground enclosures.
  • Section 12 also features several new and revised requirements for various wiring methods.
  • Section 24 contains revisions and extended requirements to increase electrical safety for occupants and staff of health care facilities, including basic care areas, where such areas are designated for diagnosis, therapy, or care of children.
  • Section 64 requirements for energy storage systems (ESS) have been refined and clarified.
  • Section 66 now requires ground fault circuit interrupter protection for extension cords that might be plugged into a portable generator or portable power distribution equipment.
  • Section 68 includes substantial revisions and new requirements associated with pool, tubs, and spas for the provision and location of disconnecting means.


Did you know?


The CE Code, Part I is developed with the participation of provincial and territorial authorities, manufacturers, educators, designers, conformity assessment professionals, and many industry experts. The Code is updated every three years to better protect electrical workers and help make electrical installations and maintenance safer.


All paper copies of the CE Code, Part I include a free copy of the Electrical Code Quick Reference guide, offering easy access to the most-used Rules and tables.

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Canadian Electrical Code Safety Standard for Electrical Installations

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