CSA B149.2 Propane Storage and Handling Code

ISBN/PUB: B149 2 2015
Pub Date: 2015

The 2015 edition of B149.2-15 - Propane storage & handling code reflects the latest advances in industry best practices and the most current safety requirements.

B149.2-15 applies to the installation of:

  • Storage, handling, and transfer of propane
  • Propane used as an engine fuel in other than highway vehicles
  • Installation of containers and equipment to be used for propane in distribution locations and filling plants

The standard has been reviewed by regulatory authorities across Canada, and has been adopted into law in every Canadian province and territory.

Why you Need to Know the 2015 Edition:

  • Greater clarity on definitions and references
  • Added criteria for underground storage tanks
  • New clauses provide guidance on the safe transfer of propane from a rail car to tank truck, tank trailer or cargo liner
  • Updated sections make the standard more closely aligned with international best practices

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