CSA Z662 Oil and gas pipeline systems

ISBN/PUB: Z662 19
Pub Date: June 2019

CSA  Z662 Oil and gas pipeline systems

Safely transporting energy products over long distances via pipelines is a key component in the success of Canada’s oil and natural gas industry.


CSA Z662 - Oil and gas pipeline systems is the culmination over 40 years of pipeline standards development. CSA Z662 was created to help provide guidance on the safe design, construction and maintenance of pipeline systems used for:


● Liquid hydrocarbons, including crude oil, multi-phase fluids, condensate, liquid petroleum products;


● Natural gas liquids and liquefied petroleum gas;


● Oilfield water/steam;


● Carbon dioxide used in oilfield enhanced recovery schemes; and


● Gas.


CSA Z662 has been referenced in legislation by provinces, territories and the federal government, thus making it critical for all industry professionals to understand and apply the requirements of this new edition upon its publication.


This package includes expert commentary directly in the standard document, making it your comprehensive resource when working on pipeline projects in compliance with this national standard.

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CSA  Z662 Oil and gas pipeline systems

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