API STD 598 Valve Inspection & Testing

ISBN/PUB: C59811
Pub Date: 2023
11th Edition

API STD 598 Valve Inspection & Testing

API STD 598, 11th Edition, February 2023 - Valve Inspection and Testing

This standard covers inspection, examination, supplementary examinations, and pressure test requirements for resilient-seated, nonmetallic-seated (e.g., ceramic), and metal-to-metal-seated valves of the gate, globe, plug, ball, check, and butterfly types. Resilient seats are considered to be:

a) soft seats, both solid and semisolid grease type (e.g., lubricated plug);

b) combination soft and metal seats (e.g., laminated seat rings);

c) any other type of seat material designed to meet resilient seat leakage rates as specified in Table 5.

This standard supplements the API standards that reference it, but it may also be applied to other types of valves by agreement between the purchaser and the valve manufacturer. See Annex A for information to be specified by the purchaser.

The inspection requirements pertain to examinations and testing by the valve manufacturer and any supplementary examinations that the purchaser may require at the valve manufacturer’s plant. The test requirements cover both required and optional pressure tests at the valve manufacturer’s plant or at a facility mutually agreeable to both the manufacturer and the purchaser.

The following tests and examinations are specified in this standard:

a) shell test;

b) backseat test;

c) low-pressure closure test;

d) high-pressure closure test;

e) double block and bleed high-pressure closure test;

f) visual examination of castings;

g) high-pressure pneumatic shell test.

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API STD 598 Valve Inspection & Testing

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