Reeds Volume 1 Mathematics for Engineers

Kevin Corner, Leslie Jackson, & William Embleton
ISBN/PUB: 9781472974037
Pub Date: 2013

About Reeds Vol 1: Mathematics for Marine Engineers

This exciting new edition covers the core subject areas of arithmetic, algebra, mensuration in 2D and 3D, trigonometry and geometry, graphs, calculus and statistics and probability for Marine Engineering students for the Merchant Navy OOW qualification.

Initial examples have been designed purely to practise mathematical technique and, once these skills have been mastered, further examples focus on engineering situations where the appropriate skills may be utilised. The practical questions are primarily from a marine engineering background but questions from other disciplines, such as electrical engineering, will also be covered, and reference made to the use of advanced calculators where relevant.
Table Of Contents
1. Indices and Logarithms 2. Algebra 3. Simple Equations and Transposition 4. Simultaneous Linear Equations 5. Quadratic and Cubic equations 6. Graphs 7. trigonometry and Geometry 8. Solution of Triangles 9. Mensuration of areas 10. Mensuration of Volumes and Masses 11. Differential Calculus 12. Integral Calculus and Advanced Applications 13. Statistics 14. Specimen Exam Questions and Worked Solutions Appendix I: the Basics Appendix II: Complex Numbers Appendix III: Laplace Transforms Appendix IV: Fourier Analysis Appendix V; Exam Standard Questions and Solutions Appendix VI: Formulae

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Reeds Volume  1 Mathematics for Engineers
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