Basic Electricity for Industry Circuits & Machines. Canadian Edition

By Doug Edgar
ISBN/PUB: 9780130354518
Pub Date: Copyright 2004

Basic Electricity for Industry Circuits & Machines. Canadian Edition


For electrical apprenticeship and basic electrical courses taught to students in departments such as mechanical technology, plastics technology, and air-conditioning.

This first Canadian edition builds upon all of the hallmark features of the US edition including a solid theoretical perspective that complements application; effective, easy-to-follow illustrations; short, concise explanations of key concepts; a large number of examples and exercises; and a wealth of end-of-chapter self-test pedagogy. Material has been updated throughout the text, enhancing the overall pedagogy. The text has also been reorganized to better suit the various provincial curriculum guidelines. The implementation of electron flow addresses the increasing popularity of this approach within the apprenticeship market. Other new content includes expanded material on lead-acid cells, resonant circuits, semiconductor devices, variable frequency drives, and power factor correction.

Table of Contents


 1. Review of Useful Fundamentals.

 2. The Nature of Electricity.

 3. Conductors, Resistors, and Insulators.

 4. Direct Current Circuits.

 5. Magnetism and Electromagnets.

 6. Electromagnetic Forces.

 7. Electromagnetic Induction.

 8. AC Voltages and Currents.

 9. Inductors and Inductance.

10. Capacitors and Capacitance.

11. Basic R, L, and C Circuits.

12. Solving Single-Phase AC Circuits.

13. Three-Phase Circuits.

14. Transformers.

16. Direct Current Motors.

17. Three-Phase Induction Motors.

18. Selection and Application of Three-Phase Induction Motors.

19. Synchronous Motors.

20. Synchronous Generators.

21. Single-Phase Motors.

22. Industrial Motor Control.

23. Semiconductor Devices.

24. Variable Frequency Drives.

Appendix A: Test Your Knowledge and Questions and Problems Answers.

Appendix B: Conversion Charts for Units.

Appendix C: Properties of Round Copper Conductors.

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Basic Electricity for Industry Circuits & Machines. Canadian Edition

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