Electrician's Guide to Conduit Bending

Richard A. Cox
Pub Date: 3rd Edition

The new Third Edition of this National Best Selling book on conduit bending is without a doubt...The most complete book on conduit bending ever published.   Expanded by 50 pages, the book will show you step-by-step how to bend stubs, ninety degree bends, offsets, kicks, saddles, layout for segment bending, segment bends, concentric bends, etc.  All forms of pipe bending are included; EMT, Rigid, IMC, PVC and Aluminum pipe. Hand, Mechanical, and hydraulic bending methods and equipment are covered. Included is a wallet-sized table with all the formulas and constants you need for precision bending.  The new Third Edition contains 50 pages of new explanations and added photographs and drawings.

Hey -- even the old pros learn new tricks.

Lots of clever tricks and tips from a Master Electrician.

Sample problems of actual conduit bends.  Great examples. Easy to understand. Speed up your jobs and do it the easy way.

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Electrician's Guide to Conduit Bending
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