Concrete Design Handbook

Cement Association of Canada
Pub Date: 2016

Concrete Design Handbook - 4th Edition

The 4th Edition of the Concrete Design Handbook, the premier guide for concrete design in Canada, covers many aspects of the structural design of conventionally reinforced and prestressed concrete buildings. It offers a comprehensive analysis of the CSA Group standard A23.3-14, Design of concrete structures, and addresses the design of reinforced concrete structural elements in accordance with the Standard. The Concrete Design Handbook also includes a complete copy of the CSA Group A23.3-14 design standard ($237 VALUE).

This new edition reflects changes made to the CSA Group standard A23.3-14 and aligns with the 2015 National Building Code of Canada. It supersedes the 3rd Edition printed in 2006.

In order to keep the volume of the Handbook to a reasonable size, a number of the design aids which form part of this Handbook are not included in the printed version but are now available as a free download below. The files may be downloaded for each of the Chapters noted below separately or as one comprehensive file.

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Concrete Design Handbook
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