Handbook for Pulp & Paper Technologists

Gary A. Smook
Pub Date: 2016
4th Edition

The Handbook For Pulp and Paper Technologists (The SMOOK Book), is by far the best-selling text to introduce the entire technology of pulp and paper manufacture. The major objective of the fourth edition was to produce a readable, up-to-date, comprehensive textbook. The Fourth edition features include:

  • 13 Years in the making
  • Approximately 90 new illustrations
  • Updated chapters
  • Discusses latest technology

Chapters have been altered materially to reflect the latest technology and the current state of the North American industry. The most significant changes occur in the areas of Wood and Chip Handling (Chapter 3), Mechanical Pulping (Chapter 5), Recycled Fiber (Chapter 14), Non-fibrous Additives (Chapter 15) and Surface Treatments (Chapter 18).

The book features 27 chapters covering all aspects of pulping and papermaking. Hundreds of illustrations, charts and tables help the reader grasp the concepts being presented.

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Handbook for Pulp & Paper Technologists
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