NALCO Guide to Cooling Water Systems Failure Analysis

an Ecolab Company NALCO Water
ISBN/PUB: 9780071803472
Pub Date: 2nd Edition

The Most Complete, Current Guide to Failure Analysis for Cooling Water Systems Fully updated for the latest technologies and techniques, this new edition describes proven procedures for determining the root cause of cooling system failure, correcting the problem, and preventing future occurrences. The first section covers cooling water system design and operation and features ten new chapters on the various materials most commonly found in cooling systems. The remaining four sections discuss waterside corrosion, cracking, mechanical damage, and material and design issues. This authoritative resource explains how to identify failure locations and mechanisms, recognize critical factors influencing failure, carry out inspection procedures, and implement preventive measures to reduce damage. Illustrative case histories are provided in each chapter. The Nalco Guide to Cooling Water Systems Failure Analysis, Second Edition, covers: Carbon and alloy steel Cast iron Stainless steel Copper alloys Aluminum alloys Corrosion-resistant alloys Coatings Nonmetallic materials Brazed and soldered joints Corrosion monitoring Crevice and underdeposit corrosion Oxygen corrosion Biologically influenced corrosion Acid corrosion Alkaline corrosion Galvanic corrosion Dealloying Intergranular corrosion Graphitic corrosion Localized and pitting corrosion Corrosion fatigue Stress corrosion cracking Erosion-corrosion Cavitation Manufacturing defects Weld defects Design and operating conditions

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NALCO Guide to Cooling Water Systems Failure Analysis
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