Handbook of Corrosion Engineering

ISBN/PUB: 9780071750370
Pub Date: 2012

Your updated, in-the-trenches guide to economic decision-making and hands-on corrosion control

Presenting the information required to understand every issue?from inspection methods to assessing environmental problems and failure prevention?Handbook of Corrosion Engineering, Second Edition contains 60 percent new material with 40 percent of existing content extensively revised. New environmental applications have been added along with technical advances and management strategies for engineers, designers, and managers. From coatings to corrosion inhibitors to updated and expanded reference to National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) standards and corrosion-resistant alloys in oilfield, this is the only source needed for the corrosion management and prevention industry.

Handbook of Corrosion Engineering, Second Edition covers:

  • New corrosion protection for the water and wastewater industry
  • Corrosion in electronics, bridges, aircraft, and cooling towers
  • Chemical and nuclear industries
  • Applications such as barrier and high-temperature coatings
  • Computer application for corrosion modeling and mitigation
  • New examples of corrosion failure
  • Updated information on corrosion inspection and monitoring
  • How corrosion affects metallic and non-metallic materials and how to prevent it
  • How to use inspection and monitoring methods for serious infrastructure problems (steel structures, reinforced concrete water mains and bridges, process and food industries, and other manufacturing or military industries)

Complete details on:

Aqueous Corrosion; Environments and Application Examples; High-Temperature Corrosion; Modeling, Life Prediction, and Computer Applications; Corrosion Failures; Corrosion Maintenance through Inspection and Monitoring; Acceleration and Amplification of Corrosion Damage; Materials Selection; Protective Coatings; Corrosion Inhibitors; Cathodic Protection; Anodic Protection

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Handbook of Corrosion Engineering
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